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This is how we are working.

 June 14, 2011

Here you can see how we are working : unpacking and sorting.
We, 3.11 Ehon Project Iawte, sort out all the books sent to us into
four age groups. And we also sort out into other categories like pop-upbooks, English books, reading books for older children, and paper back picture books.
And we also have other special categories like basic books, popular books,
And different genre like science, histories and others. Very popular writers and artist have their own section.

We have brief meeting every day before start working so that all the volunteers have very up-to-date information.

Unpacking group open the boxes and check how many books are there and take the slip off the box and keep all the slips. And when we find some letters are in it, we keep them, too.

Sometimes the flaps of the box is filled with letters like this.

Bulletin board has many newspapers featured on us.

The other side of the board also has full of information and letters.

Here in this room sorting out group is working.

Sorting is also made according to the categories not only the age groups.

Sometimes it is sorted out according to the writers and artists.

When sorting is done, the books are put into the containers.

Some containers are placed on the special shelves like this.

All the sorted out books are ready to be delivered to the places where children are waiting.

187,153 copies of the books are already unpacked and finished sorting out.

It is 50eth day today since we start working this way.
And the total number of the volunteers are 1,443 until today.

Needless to say, but we could never do all the work without these volunteers.

When we deliver the books we know that we carry the warm friendship of those who sent us the books and also who did all these hard work.

The office of 3.11 Ehon Project Iwate

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