2011.07.18 Monday 18:17

Dear Friends,

 The president of IBBY, Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairuddin,  visited us last week to survey our activity as they have already  decided to support us officially.  The member country is 73 now, and all of them are in some way children's book people, librarians, writers, artists, and publishers.

We were very pleased to take him and show our "picture book car" which carry picture books in the tsunami devastated coast lines, and give children picture books. Children can choose their favourite one. One of the nursery was run by Catholic church  and I visited its chapel and part of it was used as the volunteers' sleeping place.
Children were so cute . Two boys had a talk while they were having tea(?) and one asked the other "Is your grandfather live in Miyako city?"  and the other said "Yes", and the former boy said "My mother said she has visited his house sometime ago, and is he and his house OK?" And the other said "Yes he is OK" and the other said, "That's good" and they finished the talk and start eating cookies again.  They are about 3~4 years old.
And they were so happy to have picture books to bring back home and many of them did high touch to me with their tiny hands.


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